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Hi, I’m Carrie Eddins

It took me a while to discover that my natural gifts were my greatest gift.

As far as Business was concerned, the loud and clear message that I was given was to get into my head and stay there. I was advised to communicate in a way that felt unnatural, awkward even. Actually very uncomfortable. Add to this that I’m quite slow with logic, with maths and   ‘structurally-challenged,’ ‘systematically-challenged,’ dyslexic and really not into sarcasm, and to top it all off -blonde… Business seemed to be all set up to be against me… Why do I have to grow a thicker skin and change who I am to do business with kind people?

I hopped on a few planes around the globe Singapore, Nashville, Australia to listen and study with big, big names and invested my family inheritance( *okay all of it… )  on learning marketing and selling yet … and yet still this didn’t feel right.



I discovered that my gentle and sensitive way of communicating is perfect for those who are in business, with a spiritual strand running through them.

For example I hate language like ‘killer presentation,’ or ‘dominate the competition.” A total turn off. I dislike it all being about what can I get, the pushing and the aggressive communication, which is all linked to the ‘ROI driving the buy,’ I felt something big was missing, that it was out of balance but could not for the life me I couldn’t work out what…

Business lacked Soul.  One day, instead of feeling like she was like ‘ the blonde leading the blonde,’  I realised that my strengths of being able to create an emotional connection with everyone through listening deeply and attentively, through empathising and having a giggle. My sensitivity and kindness were my untapped natural assets. These natural assets inspired me to come up with the concept of: ‘Return on Connection’. Like you, I understand that communication has to be relevant and have meaning to the right audience. It doesn’t have to be soul-less and it can be gentle yet still make an impact.


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