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For sensitive souls in business

Social Media With Spirit, For Sensitive Souls

This is a VIP that sensitive souls will love. Carrie will book a call with you, and for 30 minutes you’ll share your business aims. Carrie will then help you formulate your specific social media marketing goals. She’ll devise your social media strategy and then show you how to do it. The rest is up to you.

Entrepreneurs that book this package love that they can use social media that’s in complete alignment with who they are. They love that they don’t have to compromise their values to grow their business and they love Carrie’s gentle confidence in them.

This social media VIP package, like all of Carrie’s services, is for ethical businesses only.

Carrie is wonderful at helping you connect to your emotional side in PR. Her technique is very intuitive. This lead me to secure magazine and radio interviews which both boosted my profile and confidence.

“As a result, I have been invited on TV and radio. The packages that Carrie offers are not only affordable but a great investment to you and your business. So if you are launching a product, re-branding or trying to raise your profile, save yourself some time and money and pass the task on to someone who knows.”

Alison Ward

The Life Guidance Mentor

Social Media Monthly Retainer

You’re a sensitive soul, and Carrie loves that about you. You want to connect with your audience on social media but you don’t know how. It could be there’s too much “noise” for you. Carrie understands. As a sensitive soul herself, she knows that social media can be like trying to skip across a minefield (and that makes her shudder at the thought).  You don’t have to grow a thicker skin or pretend to be something you’re not to “get” social. You can outsource it to Carrie as means of protecting your energy (and don’t worry Carrie protects her own energy well).

The first month is £495, and subsequent months are £199. This is for one social media platform of your choice from

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Page, or Facebook Group
  • Instagram

You also get ongoing email support where you can email Carrie your questions. This is a fair-use policy, and if you require more hand-holding and attention we recommend you look at the Heavenly Social Media Package option.

If you are an email subscriber, you can save £50 a month on your Social Media Monthly Retainer package.

Heavenly Social Media Packages

If you’re looking at the heavenly social media package it’s because you know that you need more of Carrie’s time promoting your business. You get all of the monthly retainer option, plus, 100% more. That’s right, you get double the amount of time that Carrie is working for you and increasing your influence AND another social platform in addition to your first choice. This is also the best choice if you would like Carrie to manage your Facebook Page AND your Facebook Group at the same time.

You also get a regular 30-minute monthly call to clarify your social media goals, and so that Carrie can share the great news in person. She’ll answer any questions around the metrics and help you understand how your reach is growing.

This is just £895.00 for the first month, and then £349.00 a month thereafter.

Social Karma Session

The Social Karma session is a virtual mastermind hour. You’ll share your hopes and dreams with Carrie, and she will give you Social Media pointers and suggestions that will increase your reach and visibility. All you have to do is act upon her advice. This is the only Social Media training package that Carrie offers that isn’t done for you. You’ll love all the good karma this social media consultation will bring you.

Testimonials from Happy Clients

Carrie loves content marketing and understands how it works so that client’s get the results that they need. I’,m happy to recommend her courses to my blogging challenge graduates.

Sarah Arrow.

Carrie today. In just one hour she was able to really get to the root of why my marketing wasn’t speaking to anyone and what I need to do to start connecting with people. She identifies your strengths and looks at how you can build on them so you really speak to your audience and show them who you are. My clients are all women and they buy when they like and trust someone and my corporate background meant that I was great at showing the professional and expertise side of me but I haven’t been showing enough of the softer side, which makes them connect with and want to buy from you. Thanks so much!”  Rebecca Boulton

“Carrie is an absolute genius about connecting people to the ways they can connect.  My course that now has paid clients on it! I highly recommend Carrie. She is warm, engaging, with the perfect mix of professionalism and approachability and friendliness. She is not afraid to give the ‘loving butt kick’ that so many of us need while being hugely empathetic and supportive. Thank you so much for your support and help Carrie!

Esther Nagle ”

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