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Carrie Eddins, aka The Blondepreneur is well known and loved for her heavenly, yet down to earth PR advice. Carrie’s clients want to turn their conversations into meaningful connections and grow their business visibility. They love Carrie’s warmth, guidance and sense of humour – because PR should be fun and it should get results. What more could you ask for?

Carrie believes in living her life using the Great Universal Laws. She believes in kindness, compassion and putting into the world the kind of things that make it a better place. She’d love to think this is you too.

Who Works With Carrie?

You’re a sensitive soul. You’ve got an ethical business and you’re transforming the world one person at a time. You’ve got a team around you, and you know that you need PR. You don’t want to do it yourself (or you’d be doing it already) and you’re not ready to take on a full-time employee to do this for you. Return on Connection with Carrie Eddins is your perfect partner.

Heartfelt PR Packages

You’ve got a business you put your whole heart into, and you’re changing the world one product at a time. How would more PR help you grow? Carrie offers three heartfelt PR Packages you can check them out here:

Press Releases

The Press Release is dead. Or is it? Return on Connection blends traditional and modern media to give you incredible influence and authority. This translates into increased visibility for your business (which means more sales).

PR Blitz

For those that want to make a bigger impact, faster, Carrie offers the PR Blitz where she will spend the entire day generating opportunities for your business. This is perfect when you’re preparing to launch a product and need to increase your reach.

Testimonials from Happy Clients


Carrie loves content marketing and understands how it works so that client’s get the results that they need. I’,m happy to recommend her courses to my blogging challenge graduates.

Sarah Arrow.



“Carrie is an absolute genius about connecting people to the ways they can connect.  My course that now has paid clients on it! I highly recommend Carrie. She is warm, engaging, with the perfect mix of professionalism and approachability and friendliness. She is not afraid to give the ‘loving butt kick’ that so many of us need while being hugely empathetic and supportive. Thank you so much for your support and help Carrie!

Esther Nagle ”


I asked Carrie to me ‘a bit of PR’. The last time I asked someone to do that they got me two column inches in a hairdressers magazine (no disrespect to hairdressers but it wasn’t my target market). Carrie went off and within a week she had me on Radio 4 Moneybox Live for a core subject. Then she got me on Radio5 LIve, then all over BBC radio including Radio 4 drivetime. Not content with that she got me on the TV for the Breakfast show and on BBC TV news (twice). All within a month. Exposure is great but apart from the fact we went National, she got me exposure to my target audience at the right time in the right way. We had PR companies we know emailing us saying congratulations to your PR person – that was a case study in how to do it. She is tireless and diligent – and all of that is lovely – but she has moments of pure genius and intuition that take her above and beyond. Just be prepared to run with it. When she hits that magic moment you need to have what you want to say firmly nailed in your head and your bags packed so you are ready to move quickly. I am taking a bit of a slower pace while we prepare for our next peak activity. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Annabel Kaye


I would recommend Carrie for all your PR needs across many platforms. She’s highly experienced, effective and well connected. She gets to really know and understand your place in the market and for me this has meant raising my profile and expert status in my niche. She’s good and creates a substantial return on your investment. I highly recommend her work.

Sally Baker


Carrie is absolutely fabulous to work with in PR. She gets to know you as a person and what your brand stands for. Carrie will always tell you the truth whether you are going to like it or not and that makes me work harder to make sure my business gets the PR it needs. So far, within a few weeks of working with Carrie she has forced me out of my comfort zone and into the BBC and featured in The Sun. She works hard to get me the PR I need, daily she is on it. She gives me the best advice and lifts my confidence. I love working with Carrie, thank you so much for your support, encouragement and advice!

Natasha Collins

Having worked with Carrie for several months I am simply stunned by what she has helped me to achieve. When I initially engaged Carrie to work for me, my original brief was to simply raise my profile in the media. However, I didn’t realise she would successfully get me on high profile channels such as BBC Five Live, BBC WM, and ITV’s GMTV. What I also didn’t expect from Carrie was how she has coached me about the media to be more strategic about how I am become visible to them. She has done so much to raise my profile, but always been there to coach me through tough decisions too. Carrie is an absolute delight to work with and a lot of fun too. If you want to raise your profile in the media by working with someone who is honest, experienced, authentic and down right lovely, then Carrie Eddins is the girl you need to call first.

Susan Marot

I’ve been part of Carrie’s PR Academy for a few months, and have already appeared on BBC Breakfast and HuffPost Parenting! I do my own PR, so it’s what I’ve learnt from Carrie that’s so valuable. Carrie has given me the confidence to share my expertise with others, and the best way to speak to journalists and media contacts. I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m delighted in the investment I’ve made in learning from Carrie. The support she gives, and exposure she offers to Academy members is excellent value for money. I recommend Carrie to anyone looking to grow their influence and exposure through the media. Her personal contacts are amazing, and she gets excellent results for her one to one clients too. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail Carrie. You really care about our success in the media.

Tracey-Jane Hughes

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