Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Re: ” Communication without connection is like tea without cake.”

Do you want to create emotional connection to increase your conversion, as

buying is emotional?

Are you banging out content and  it falling on deaf ears and closed hearts?

Would you like to know how to have a meaningful impact giving you more conversion?

Fact:  A Gartner Report in 2015, said that buyer’s are spending only 32% of their buyer’s journey interacting with our content and our sales people…. 32%!!!.

Do you have a female audience who you are struggling to speak too?

(*Hint when you talk to women like men.. they won’t hear you! )

Fact: Women make up  85 % of consumer purchases- Bloomberg.

Then, you are in the perfect place.

That’s  what I do, I’m the ‘Cake Lady,’ I help you to create emotional connection  especially with women.

I look forward to helping you!

Wishing you well,

Love Carrie Eddinsx

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